We’re changing how people think about marketing agencies.

We believe hiring a growth marketing agency should be as straightforward as hiring an electrician. The job isn’t done until we hit your KPIs and the strategy pays off.
What we Stand For

Our Values

Constant Improvement

We believe if you’re not growing you’re dying. We have a continuous growth mindset and constantly push ourselves to improve.

Data is King

Numbers don’t lie and we don’t B.S. Transparency is our North star. Our decisions are always based on data –  especially if the numbers aren’t so hot this month.

Do What’s Right

We always do the right thing. Even if that means turning away a client who isn’t ready, or working on a Sunday morning.

Be Bold

We aren’t afraid to fail. We love trying something new and looking for out-of-the-box marketing solutions.

We Win as a Team

We respect each other’s skills, experiences, and accomplishments. Success is measured not by what we do alone, but what we do as a team.

Clients First

We put our clients first. We view our clients as partners and work obsessively to delight them.

Too many businesses waste time, money, and energy on marketing with few results.

They aren’t tracking the right data points, ROI, or thinking about how to generate new revenue streams. Surprisingly, some of these businesses are big brands.

How do we know? We’ve worked for them. Watching leaders make unsupported business decisions and spend money without results is the reason we’re here today.

Schaefer Digital launched into the agency world with a commitment to giving business the benefits of a consultant’s mindset and a marketer’s point of view.
Simply put, we want you to see a return on every cent of your budget. We also want you to think about other ways your business could drive revenue.

While agencies will tell you they’re driven by data, most aren’t as meticulous as we are. Schaefer analyzes data at every step and pivots. Fast.

There is a proven equation for growth and scalability, and we want to give it to you.

Sidnee Schaefer

Meet the experts

We are a team of experts striving deliver the absolute best for our clients. We’re transparent and data-focused, plus we take a holistic approach to meet your team where you are. Our relationships with our clients are important to us and we strive to build a foundation of trust from the very start.

Sidnee Schaefer

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Chief Growth Officer
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