There are 3 things you should know about us..

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#1 We’re Here To Change The Way You Think About Marketing

Marketing is notorious for being…inconsistent. The channel and strategy that worked for your competitor might be a complete bust for you — and sometimes, you don’t even know why. 

Other companies will try to sell you pre-packaged services without even checking to see if your customers are on that channel, but what good are Facebook ads to you if your audience isn’t on Facebook? None! That’d be a waste of money, and it drives us mad.

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#2 We’re In This With You

We’re a team of highly-driven, competitive marketers who believe that your success is our success. We get a visceral thrill every time we see your numbers go up, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards of transparency and performance. (Because winning is no fun if you cheat.)

We won’t sell you services for channels where your audience doesn’t exist and we’ll tell you when the numbers are looking…not so great. We’ll also tell you what we think is going on, and what we’re doing to fix it — even if that means working on your account on a Saturday night.

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#3 We Build Completely Custom, Multi-Channel Marketing Strategies

No one channel alone will get you the results your company needs. Your entire customer journey must be taken into account, and every touchpoint needs to be assessed. That’s why we dive deep into your business to identify marketing problems before we do anything else. 

All of our solutions are backed by data, and strategically selected to maximize your budget, generate ROI, and meet your marketing goals. Whether you’re looking for brand awareness, conversions and sales, or reducing CPA, we’ve seen it before, and we have a process to help you get where you want to go.

What we stand for

Our Code of Honor Drives Us


Constant Improvement

We truly believe if you’re not growing you’re dying. We have a continuous growth mindset and are constantly pushing ourselves to improve.


Data is King

Numbers don’t lie and we don’t B.S. Transparency is our north star. Our decisions are always based on data –  especially if the numbers aren’t so hot this month.


Do What's Right

We always do the right thing. Even if that means turning away a client who isn’t ready, or working on a Sunday morning.


Be Bold

We aren’t afraid to fail. We love trying something new and looking for out-of-the-box marketing solutions.


We Win as a Team

We respect each other’s skills, experiences, and accomplishments. Success is measured not by what we do alone, but what we do as a team.


Clients First

We put our clients first. We view our clients as partners and work obsessively to delight them.

Sidnee Schaefer

Our Leadership

Sidnee Schaefer comes from a long line of entrepreneurs, which inspired her to start Schaefer Digital. Her experience working with startups and Fortune 500 companies spans many industries.

When she’s not working, Sidnee is cheering for the Vegas Golden Knights (she never misses a game), playing with her two dogs and two cats, or working out.

She has worked for and with companies like Zappos, Toll Brothers, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Virgin Hotels, School of Rock, Handled, Klogs and Mathnasium.


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