To change how you think about marketing agencies

We believe marketing isn’t a bandaid, it’s an investment in your future.

At Schaefer Digital, we’re passionate about helping companies find proactive, creative marketing solutions backed by the right data. We believe marketing isn’t a bandaid, it’s an investment in your company’s future.


Code of Honor

Our Code of Honor guides us in how we approach our team, clients, and personal growth. It’s the highest standard we try to each every day. We never sacrifice relationships to win, even though winning motivates us.


Grow or Die

For us, there is no other option. Grow or die. We push ourselves, teammates, and clients to grow personally and professionally.


No B.S.

Transparency is our north star. We speak our minds knowing that openness requires equal parts caring and knowledge.


Do What's Right

We do the right thing, always. Even if that means making sacrifices to keep our integrity.


Be Bold

We’re confident in the risks we take, even if that means being wrong sometimes. We aren’t afraid to fail.


Win as a Team

We respect each other’s skills, experiences, and accomplishments. Success is measured not by what we do alone, but what we do as a team.


Relationships First

We lead with relationships first. We view clients as partners and work obsessively to delight them.


This Is How We Win

Start With Your Gut

We mix skill and intuition to guide strategy, combining keen observation and experience.

Speak a Common Language

We execute on a strategy after reaching a team consensus between client and team.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

We make all decisions based on data, tweaking strategies based on results.

We’re obsessed with numbers and results. We get a visceral thrill every time we see your numbers trend up and to the right.


Sidnee Schaefer

Sidnee Schaefer comes from a long line of entrepreneurs, which inspired her to start Schaefer Digital. Her experience working with startups and Fortune 500 companies spans many industries.

When she’s not working, Sidnee is cheering for the Vegas Golden Knights (she never misses a game), playing with her two dogs and two cats, or working out.

She has worked for and with companies like Zappos, Toll Brothers, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Virgin Hotels, School of Rock, Handled, Klogs and Mathnasium.