Handled Case Study


We created a multi-channel, geo-targeted digital strategy using scalable tactics that produced high returns on a fixed marketing budget.

Ad Platforms

Google Ads
Facebook Ads
Bing Ads

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Handled is a no-stress home services concierge, curating turnkey moving, packing, storage, junk removal, cleaning, landscaping, and home repair services.

How We've Helped

With only a month until Handled’s brand launch, our challenge was to create brand awareness and drive leads for a company with zero brand recognition in a highly competitive industry.

To do this, we created a multi-channel, geo-targeted digital strategy using tactics that would scale as Handled grew. Channels were chosen to produce high returns on a fixed marketing budget, which shrank as new markets were added.

Creating Brand Awareness
from Scratch

Increased brand awareness was achieved with a customized strategy, leveraging Facebook interest-based targeting, Google Display ads, and specific high-level search terms.

The team recognized these campaigns were increasing branded search traffic, which meant our goal of increased brand awareness had been achieved.


Driving High-Intent Leads

A combination of Google Search ads, Bing Search Ads, and Facebook Ads were used to drive traffic from people actively searching for moving providers.

Facebook Retargeting Ads and Google Remarketing Lists for Search Ads were used to retarget people that had visited the Handled website but had not gotten a price. We connected HubSpot active lists to continually refresh the retargeting campaigns to target the visitors with the highest intent to purchase.



Personalized Landing Pages

The team used dynamic text insertion on all paid landing pages, which customized the landing page copy to the ad copy clicked on by a user. This increases the relevance of the landing page for the individual searcher and message match in Google Ads, which increases ad ranking (quality score).

This tactic drastically drives down the cost per conversion and increases the conversion rate.




What We Achieved


Increased Leads
Over 7 Months


Increased Leads


Decrease in
Cost Per Lead


Markets Added
Every Month

Handled’s leads increased over 1000x within a 7-month period on a fixed ad budget. The number of website sessions also increased by 4x month over month.

Direct and Organic traffic increased at a similar rate, which indicated a consistent increase in brand awareness.

  • 1000x increase in leads using a fixed ad budget
  • 4x increase in leads, a 25% increase in leads month over month
  • 66% decrease in cost per lead
  • A cost per lead below the industry average of $50
  • Added 10-15 markets every month over a 12-month period


What our clients say
about our agency.


Small Changes, Big Results

Working together, Schaefer Digital and Handled have been able to accomplish big things! They are great at execution, but if you want to take advantage of their most unique attributes and strengths, then you should bring them in at the very beginning of the problem so they can help architect the solution. They’re fantastic strategists and I highly recommend them.

Seth Waite
Handled // CEO

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