When it comes to your growth, we mean business.

While we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we take your success very seriously. Working with us means constant communication, data transparency, and proactive improvement.

Our Process


Identify & Analyze

To start, we talk about your business challenges and dig into everything you already know about your target audience. We want demographics, psychographics, and a map of the current user journey. We’ll take a comprehensive look at the data and start drawing conclusions about what is and isn’t working.



This is where we talk about your big business goals. What are your short-term and long-term revenue goals? What KPIs should we be focused on to gauge success? From here, we’ll map out a growth plan that aligns your goals with marketing and business activities that will get you there.


Setup & Launch

It’s time to make it happen. We’ll get ads, landing pages, email sequences, or buying experiences polished and ready to showcase to the world. Every decision has been carefully made through qualitative or quantitative data.


Learn & Optimize

This is where our process stands apart from other digital marketing agencies. From the moment we launch, we start tracking success. If we don’t see the performance we want, we pivot. Fast. When we find the conversion sweet spot, we rinse and repeat to keep cash flowing into your business.
How we work

3 Ways to Work With Us

Constant Improvement

We believe if you’re not growing you’re dying. We have a continuous growth mindset and constantly push ourselves to improve.

Block of Hours

You don’t need long-term help, but have marketing projects that simply aren’t getting done. Choose this option for more flexibility at a higher rate.


Are you an eCommerce or lead generation company? Talk to us about our performance-based pricing model. If you’re a good fit, you get access to special pricing, which means a win-win for everyone.

Not sure what fits your brand?

Let’s talk it out. Schedule a discovery call to see what we can design to fuel your growth.
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We’re generating higher conversion rates, between 6%–8% on our ads, which is a great number for us. We’re exceeding the industry’s best practices and standard for impressions and click rates by leaps and bounds.

Mark Kinsley

President of Englander

The goals we set for our first months were reached within the first week. We consistently outperformed cost-per-acquisition metrics in our industry and haven’t had any trouble gaining new customers. That’s our greatest success so far; especially considering we started with zero.

Michael King

Founder and CEO of Family Works

Schaefer Digital understands how to deliver on schedule, they identify potential roadblocks early in the process. Allowing us to achieve record paid search performance and strong SEO performance.

Elliot Baldini

CMO of School of Rock
Schaefer Digital is hands-down one of the most valuable assets to our team.

Celi Birke

Unigroup, Sr. Brand Director
Schaefer developed our complete strategy. They managed the execution flawlessly and offered comprehensive reporting to guide us to completion.

Gerry Wienholt

Owner and Founder of Yoga Pod Boulder

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