Case Study


We helped, an automatic package tracker, increase their user base by 300%.


User Acquisition

Ad Platforms

Google Play Ads
App Store Ads

How We've Helped had acquired its small base of users from the founder’s friends and family as well as organically through the App Store. Our challenge was to grow the userbase at the lowest possible cost-per-user (CPA) in a highly competitive package tracking space during the app’s public launch.

To do this, we created a multi-channel strategy to increase app awareness and conversions (users). Channels were chosen based on user-intent and the ability to generate awareness at a reduced cost-per-click (CPC).

Increased App Awareness
and Downloads

Google Play Ads, App Store Ads, and Product Hunt advertising were used in combination with email and push notifications. Product Hunt was used to increase awareness and target potential users that like to be the first adopters of new technology. Google Play and App Store Ads would target potential users in the middle of the funnel that that are searching for package tracking apps.


Engagement With New Users

Timely email and push notifications would be used to onboard new users and notify them of package updates, engaging users long-term. Notifications were customized by the stage of the user lifecycle to maximize engagement. The ability to share package statuses and ship from home would keep users engaged in the app long-term.


What We Achieved


Increase in
App Users

< $1

Average Cost-Per-User
on Google Playstore Ads


Average Cost-Per-User
on Apple App Store Ads


Traffic Increase
to the Website

Utilizing a fixed campaign budget, the number of website sessions increased by 4x.

  • 3x increase in app users
  • $0.70 Average cost-per-user on Google Play
  • $1.00 Average cost-per-user on Apple App Store Ads
  • 4x traffic increase to the website

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